About Metal Finishing Company

Everything can be metalized

Liquid Metal Technologies (LMT) was established in 2004 in Sydney, launching a unique and patented technology providing decorative metal finishes – applied in a liquefied form.

The LMT range of decorative metal finishes can be applied to almost any surface to leave it looking like metal. There are many applications for metal finishes but many people find sheet metal either too expensive or restrictive in application (eg can’t coat a figurine).

Our manufacturing technique allows us to offer in excess of 800 finishes, ranging from mirror shiny to brush-applied 3D textures, which create stunning effects to panels and architectural pieces.

These finishes make LMT a perfect solution for a wide range of bespoke architectural projects (eg chandeliers, statues, furniture), interior finishing (eg kitchens, bathrooms), exterior finishing (eg cladding, garage doors, fences, landscape design) for any design and/or building projects.

There are 16 metal colours available which can then be finished to a range of spray and smoothed finishes. LMT is a full service offering from quotation through to delivery (if required) with most of our work able to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

LMT finishes have passed the sun, ultraviolet light, salt spray and 25 year immersion tests so are durable, non-toxic, can oxidise and patina like real metals and can even be waterproofed (by request).

LMT products are very cost effective when compared to standard sheet metal alternatives – up to 25% (finish dependant) on small jobs and anywhere from 250% up on large scale/volume jobs.